If we take it upon ourselves to train and empower our youths to become self-reliant, they can become motivated and think differently from what we see today. They can become independent and better citizens tomorrow, and in the long run our society will be much better for it.

You are here today to be a witness to this crusade for youth empowerment and development in our community. Additionally, and importantly, we are imploring you to join us in this crusade. Become part of our team so we can together cast out the scorching menace of societal ills, due to youth joblessness and hopelessness, trying to destroy the fabric of our community. 



Gratification for our efforts will come when we see that, through our efforts, the youths of today have become great achievers of tomorrow; the relief that the ones taking over from us will do better than we did, just because we gave them that opportunity; but most importantly, the comfort that they will be in a much better position to pay it forward to the generation that comes after them.